Botanical Bunny

Kerri Ciullo is an artist and embroiderer inspired by the natural world and human vulnerability.

How did you get into embroidery? 

I originally got into embroidery by being fascinated by the visual art of it on clothing and in ancient textiles. I loved how it was truly a fusion of illustration, painting and fibers. I wanted to create visual representations of nature, dreams, and my innermost vulnerabilities. It was a way to express my thoughts in a non verbal way that felt the most true to me.

What are your favourite stitches? 

My favourite stitches are the satin stitch as well as the French knot. I love how the satin stitch adds a glossy, clear image. I prefer to use it for larger details in a lot of my botanical work. The French knot is my go to when I’m looking to add a more textural component to a piece. 

What other types of textiles would you like to explore?

I have been interested in weaving for quite a while now and I would to be properly taught how to work on a floor loom, and have access to one. I would be very interested in seeing how my designs translated over in that medium. I’ve also been wanting to get into more textile design. 

What’s your favourite fabric surface to stitch on? 

My preferred fabrics to work on are cotton or denim. I personally find them to be the easiest to work with. I really appreciate how my work reads on them. 

Where do you buy your materials from? 

I buy my materials from craft shops, thrift stores, and online. I really like finding basic vintage pieces and up cycling them with my dreamscape and botanical embroidery. 

What’s your day job? Do you work in textiles? 

I have been battling a chronic illness so through having to spend a decent amount of time at home, I decided to create an Etsy and sell my work. My shop is called Botanical Threads. I also sell some prints of my illustrations, as well as handmade pressed floral jewellery. I am thankful to have the privilege of being able to make a salary from it. 

 What other surfaces would you like to apply your embroidery on? 

I generally work on different articles of clothing as well as embroidery hoops. I would really love to incorporate my designs onto tapestries, and home accessories 

Who would you like to collaborate with and why?

I would really love to collaborate with Shakirra Rees. I really admire her unique style, and I think our work would really interact beautifully together. 

 How do you feel about promoting your work on social media? 

Social media has been an amazing avenue for me to share my work and gain support from so many amazing people. I have had the honour of sending out my embroidery work to customers all over the world. I don’t think that would be possible without the aid of Instagram and other social platforms. I look forward to sharing more of my work through it. 

Lastly, what do you love about textiles? 

I really love how textiles have given me the ability to translate my illustrations and thoughts into wearable pieces of art that other people feel a connection to. The fact that I have been able to connect with and inspire others makes this medium so magical to me.

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