Christmas Denim Embroidery Workshop

On Tuesday 5th December I’ll be running a denim embroidery workshop in Ace Hotel Shoreditch. Bring in your own denim (jeans, jackets, shirts) and during the 2-hour workshop I’ll teach you how to embroider French knots, satin, running and chain stitches onto your clothing. We’ll practise on plain cotton fabric to begin with so you initially get the hang of the stitches. We’ll also play around with stitching on ready-made template designs. Once you feel confident you can embroider on your desired denim. If you don’t want to embroider on your own item you can make an embroidered patch to stitch onto something else later. As it’s the month of Christmas you can also personalise an item as a gift. The main aim of the workshop is to learn the basics of embroidery and continue in your spare time. Aimed mainly at beginners but all other levels are welcome and all sewing equipment will be provided. 

There’ll be goody bags filled with threads a hoop for you to continue stitching at home. Drinks and snacks will be provided too! Come celebrate the festive season with me! Book your space here.

Please note that if you’re bringing in your own denim it’s much easier to work on light coloured fabric. I draw my designs and then embroider over it. The workshop’s 2 hours and I’d love for you to leave with a finished item and not spend too much time struggling with transferring your designs.

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