Embroidered Nutrients

Ipnot is an embroidery artist from Japan specialising in French knots and miniature embroideries. 

How did you get into embroidery?
When I was young I was looking at my grandma’s creations through embroidery and it inspired me a lot to pursue my dream into making it a business. Five years ago I decided to start my own embroidery business which is my passion and love of  my life. Luckily I have never experienced difficulty in finding work, thanks to Instagram I get a lot of orders from my clients there. I would like to continue sewing what I want and explore the beauty of the embroidery world.

Tell me about the different embroidery you work with?
Like the art of stipple painting, I use my needle like a paint brush and stitch one French knot at a time. This is simple yet every stitch needs to be precise and exact. It also reflects my personality.

Where do you buy your materials from?
I usually buy my materials at local handicraft stores in Japan. Recently, DMC sent me a lot of threads and now sponsor me; I really support their materials. I believe that it is a good way of promoting  them.

What other stitches would you like to work with?
Right now, I am not interested in working with other patterns because I think the one I use now is perfect for what I do and what I like. I would like to be known in this kind of forte.

What other surfaces would you like to apply your embroidery on?
In the past, I often made accessories such as brooches. Someday, I would like to apply my embroidery on clothes, bags and shoes.

Who would you like to collaborate with?
I would like to collaborate with other  people from various industries and sew something that I have never sewn before. I would like to be challenged, it will be help me with my expertise .

How do you feel about promoting your work on social media?
I think that it’s very good. By posting it to Instagram right away after the work is done is perfect in attracting more people to become interested in your art work. My page is like having a solo exhibition. 

What do you love about embroidery?
Embroidery gives my mind nutrients. I can face myself in quiet times sewing with a constant sense that brings calmness and richness. Embroidering at any time makes me feel relieved and solves my troubles. It is a wonderful way to arrange my feelings.

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