Highs & Lows of Mashail Faqueeh

 Mashail Faqueeh is a self-taught embroidery artist who enjoys stitching all day and making beautiful things while watching TV shows and listening to podcasts.  She has recently reopened her online shop and has revamped her whole brand and of course has found some highs and lows along the way.


– I realised I’ve loved embroidery since the age of 10 so it’s a wonderful feeling to wake up doing what you love everyday.

– I find it very meditative and calming to embroider honestly I don’t know how people go through their days just holding their phones and talking to people.

– The possibility of embroidering on different mediums whether it’s paper nylon or even your old pair of shoes.

– Having to earn money doing hand embroidered pieces from scratch is a feeling I could never describe.

– I get to listen to hours of podcasts and books and learn along the way.


– How much it’s time consuming.

– People not seeing that it’s time consuming.

– Having to be fully connected to a piece (emotionally and physically).

– Your family and friends not taking it seriously.

– A random lady once told me that I should be a doctor or an engineer and not ruin “those pretty hands”.

– Having to be your own accountant, marketing manager, cuddle buddy and graphic designer at once.

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