Lockhart Embroidery


Marie-Sophie Lockhart is an embroidery designer originally for France now living in New York.

How did you get into embroidery?

I started doing embroidery in 2015 I was first collecting patches and wanted
to do my own designs. I got some old supplies at the Salvation Army (Red Cross) just randomly and that was the beginning of me embroidering everything I own.

What are your favourite stitches to use?

Easy stitches like running, chain, French knots and satin stitches.

Where do you get your materials from?

Thrift stores, art and crafts stores and my closet.

What other textiles would you like to explore?

Making linen and silk.

How do you think people perceive textiles?

Handmade textiles is an old tribe tradition, people have been making handmade textiles since the beginning of civilisation to cover and protect their bodies but also to express where they’re from and who they are. I think there is a comeback to traditional hand crafting. People realise we need to be more and more sustainable and relearn how to make things with our hands.

How do you define craft?

Psychedelic, folk, tribal and fun.

What do you love about embroidery?

It’s like meditation for me, I like to be in my zone, have time to pause and think.

You can see more of Marie’s work and follow her here. All images from Marie’s Instagram account.






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