Sensory (Under) Load #4

Hello and happy new year! Over the Christmas holiday I took a nice break away from Instagram to work on making embroidery and embellishment samples. New year, new work. During that time I listened to loads of podcasts while sewing. I’ve listed some current favourites below.

1. Norma Kamali speaks to Refinery29’s Co-Founder Christine Barberich on the UnStyled podcast about how she who she is today and the importance of giving in any type of job; whether you’re there for six months of six years.  She also talks about clearing space to find new inspiration. I’ve decided to stop shopping for 6 months (clothes, shoes and make up); I’ve accumulated too much stuff. I think I might extend that to materials too. I recently did my taxes and noticed that I’ve bought a few too many embellishments, I’m a closet hoarder! Listen to Norma’s interview here.

2. Director Melina Matsoukas, “the director behind some of today’s most popular TV episodes” and music videos speaks to Man Repeller’s The Call about directing videos for the likes of Beyonce and Solange, hiring and working with people from various cultural spectrums and focusing one doing one thing well before branching out. Listen here.

3. I have to say that this is one of my favourite podcasts as it resonates with my own personality. Girlboss speaks to More Aarons-Mele founder of Women Online about being an introvert and the joys of minding your own business, being a hermit and enjoying your own company. I thoroughly enjoy being in solitude, sitting home working on some embroidery with the heating on and a cup of fennel tea by my side is pure bliss. I used to feel really weird and guilty for liking me time but hearing this podcast and knowing I’m not the only one was reassuring. Listen here.

4. Another one from The Call featuring Tarana Burke the black woman that originally founded the movement Me Too around 10 years ago. She talks about how and why she started the movement and how as communities we should try and help one another. Listen here.

If you missed the last list of podcasts you can check them out here.

Embroidery and embellishments by me. Photo by Guy Bourdin

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