Sensory (under)Load #3

It’s raining, it’s pouring not really sure if the old man is snoring but I’m definitely not leaving my Second Home today until it’s time to go to my real home. If you’re not obliged to take part in any outside duties why not listen to some of my favourite podcasts this week. Background noise while you sew.

1. Leandra Medine is back with a vengeance! A short podcast about taking a break and getting back to what you love. Nice to listen to at the start of a project, while you get your needles threaded. Listen here.

2. The majestic one Solange shares her musical inspiration on Microphone Check’s podcast hosted by Ali Shaheed Muhammed (from A Tribe Called Quest) and Frannie Kelley. She touches on the subject of listening to music with sensitive lyrics in front of other people. Like music with the N word. Something I can really relate to when compiling playlists for my workshops. Listen to the podcast here.

3. Teen Vogue Editor and part time kween of Boomerang Elaine Welteroth speaks at the Sydney Writers Festival about politics, editing the magazine and engaging in conversations other than fashion and beauty. Listen here.

4. Girlboss Radio is back with an honest and thought-provoking episode in conversation with Roxanne Gay. The beginning of the podcast starts with advertising on Ship Station a fast and simple way to get your goods out. Handy if you’re into eCommerce. Listen up here.

5. ‘Can you sell female friendship after putting women down?’ Strong Opinions Loosely Held gives you the answer with Taylor Swift in mind. Listen to the podcast here.

If you’re in the mood for company while you sew come to our embellishment workshop in Boxpark Shoreditch on Tuesday 12 September 7-9pm. Book your ticket here. You’ll leave with good vibes and a goody bag. All levels welcome.

Embroidery by me


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