Sensory (under)Load #2

You’ve finally found a hot second to sit down and work on one of many unfinished sewing projects. You know, the embroidery piece you started in the middle of embellishing a sample that was inspired by a random post on Instagram that you can’t quite remember because you forgot to save or screenshot it but the image is vaguely stored in your occipital lobe? It’s ok, I’ve been there, actually I’m still there. I’ve lost count of how many samples I have left to complete and in all honesty, my samples are never really finished. I always see room for more colour, beads or stitches. When I have found the time to sit down and sew I like to either listen to music (no brainer) or podcasts.

I’ve listed my six favourite ones for you this week. 

1. Fashion designer Ashish talks to Tank’s Fashion Features Writer Tamsin Blanchard on the negative connotations on the word immigrant, lack of diversity in the fashion industry and cultural appropriation. Listen here.

2. The Debrief has lots of podcasts  and I enjoy listening to all of them. One of my favourites is How to Become a Tidy Persongreat if you need help decluttering and making room for new threads.

3. Black Girl In Om have a thoughtful podcast featuring Hey Fran Hey on how to improve your health through your diet. Something I’m constantly thinking about as I’ve started to get pains in my hands and arms. Might be a sign of arthritis, not sure but hopefully eating more greens and turmeric (helps with inflammation) will help. Listen to their podcast here.

4. Miguel McKelvey founder and architect of WeWork talks about how he started the business. If you need inspiration and a kick up the arse to get shit done this podcast will definitely do that. Listen here and check out pictures from my embroidery workshop in their London Fields space here. Perhaps you can look at the pics when you need a little break from stitching.

5. Mario Testino talks about life and art in his home Peru on Monocle 24. Listen here.

6. Madeline Poole the nail artist and Global Colour Ambassador at Sally Hansen talks, art, running her own business and posting on Instagram. Listen to her podcast on the WW Club here.

If you’re in the mood for company while you sew come to our embellishment workshop in Boxpark Shoreditch on Tuesday 12 September 7-9pm. Book your ticket here. You’ll leave with good vibes and a goody bag. All levels welcome.

Picture of me at home, photographed by Kingsley Koranteng for Brantuo Studio

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