Sensory (under)Load

What do your ears do when your eyes are busy making sure your satin stitches and French knots are in order… listen to podcasts! On some occasions I watch documentaries and films while I’m stitching but most of the time I need to focus. Here are my top places to go to for podcasts to mentally stimulate  you if you don’t like working in silence. 

1. The The WW Club is a space for creative women around the world founded by journalist Phoebe Lovatt in 2015. In her podcasts she speaks and interviews a colourful array of women working in the creative industry; speaking honestly about the highs and lows in subjects like running your own business to being a freelancer. The Club and Phoebe are based in NYC and also run events globally. I’ve been to a few in London from goal setting workshops to networking with other creatives.

2. I actually found about Girlboss radio while I was at a WW Club event earlier this year. Girlboss was founded by Sophia Amoruso and “on each episode of the podcast, Sophia interviews world-class girlbosses who have made their mark in creative, cultural, and business ventures to extract solid advice from the lessons they’ve learned along the way.”

3. US Vogue gives “you an inside ear into the well-heeled world of fashion. Hosted by André Leon Talley, each episode will feature a number of much-buzzed-about topics—from what’s in the magazine to who’s making headlines to what everyone is talking about around the office.”

4. One Cuppa 2 Sugars is great to listen to while your coincidentally sipping (with your pinky finger up and a sassy side eye perhaps ) tea in between stitches. “Expect to hear interviews with women who are making their mark in the creative arts and cultural industry and also those who have embarked on business ventures. Listen to their sound advice, how they’re smashing it along with getting to where they are today and obstacles they have faced over on 1 cuppa and 2 sugars.”

5. Monocle 24: The Big Interview “features in-depth interviews with inspirational names in global politics, business, culture and design. Hosted by Tyler Brûlé, Andrew Tuck and Monocle’s senior editors.” The Dries Van Noten interview is my personal favourite.

And on a contradictory note you can watch interesting talks and documentaries around the fashion industry on M2M. I really enjoy watching Tea at The Beatrice with Glenn O’Brien.

Embroidery by me.

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