Aurélie, A Lover of Textures

“Aurélie is passionate about textiles and the essence of her creations lies in the work of the material. Her Projects are born from experimentation and artistic research that are heavily inspired by her travels and vintage samples.”

How did you get into textiles?

During my studies I was initially interested in architecture and graphic communication, but in my last year I choose to focus on fashion because I felt a connection with textiles. I loved to play with texture and found it more interesting than fashion itself. I ended up working in fashion for 5 years after my graduation but now I have my own textiles business.


What type of techniques do you use to create your textiles?

I use so many techniques! Hand and machine embroidery, dyeing, weaving, knitting and screen-printing. It depends on what I want to do. I tend to find techniques that relate to what I want to create. I like to be open with my creativity. 


What are your favourite types of textiles to create and why?

At the moment I’m working on a type of woven technique where I tie and manipulate fabric. I love the texture that I get and you can really play with the pattern.

I’m working with an artisan in her cooperative close to Jaipur to help develop my technique into my first production. I’m hoping it’ll be complete in a few months. I like to use recycled materials to decorate baskets for interiors. They’re perfect for organising your stuff or you can use them as flowerpots.

What countries do you think have inspiring textiles techniques?

I’m really inspired by India. I’ve spent a long time there really discovering the crafts and gaining knowledge about textiles. As I can’t travel everywhere I flick through a lot of books with pictures and browse the Internet for other countries for inspiration. Japan is an amazing place for dyeing; it’s next on my travel list. Africa and South America would be great to visit to find crafts. I’ve visited Balkan countries Serbia, Bulgaria, Hungary and seen some awesome embroideries, wool pieces and fabrics. A lot of countries have inspiring textiles techniques.

Travelling, discovering new people and other cultures are important and inspiring ways to see how and where people live. I like to find the answers to why the locals still wear the kinds of clothes they wear and explore their traditional colours. When I understand how people live, I become more inspired and it changes my perception of my own life. These types of experiences open my mind and creativity.


Who would you like to collaborate with?

You know, I think about this question all the time but I don’t really have anyone in mind. I’m collaborating with artisan florists and I’m excited about our project. We want to combine a vegetal passion with my textiles to create a new type of tie technique. I find it interesting to collaborate with people that don’t work in textiles. I learn new things and I love that.


What do you love most about textiles?

TEXTURE! It’s why I’m a textiles designer now; I’m attracted to texture. I need to touch textured fabrics all the time. I sometimes find developing printed fabric boring compared to creating embroideries. You can get amazing volumes with textiles. I like to play a lot between all techniques really. Cutting, sewing, and dying … I feel free to create, it’s why I love my job.


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