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Design ME is an open access textile studio based in Peckham for all designers and enthusiasts. Owners Michelle and Laura aim to “create a space for people to come and continue to create their own textiles as well as offer them the opportunity to learn the different textile processes.” The studio provides screen printing, dyeing and digital fabric printing facilities. They also offer a  services in dyeing, art work, exposing screens and t-shirt printing.

Where did the idea of opening the studio come from?
Michelle: I came up with the idea for the studio following my experience at university; there was a lack of access in the textiles studio which prevented me from carrying out the textile processes that I needed for my final collection. After graduation, this issue continued as I struggled to find a studio that could help me continue printing as well as teaching all the different textiles techniques I wanted to learn at an affordable price. 

What are your backgrounds in?

Michelle: I did a degree in Fashion Design at DeMontfort University specialising in menswear.

Laura: I did a degree is Surface Design at London College of Communication which is part of the University of the Arts London.

Have you ever made commission pieces?
M: It’s not something we really do as business but it is something we hope to start doing in the future.

Can you describe some of your favourite prints you’ve seen made in the studio?
M: There’s so many it’s so hard to choose but one would be our first ever member’s digital prints. He was inspired by his dreams and created prints from the drawings he made of them. We just recently did some digital prints for print designer Samantha Porter. I’ve always been a fan of her prints, so when she contacted us to print her designs I was thrilled! Her new collection of prints are really good. Another one of our members does some really cool experiments with chiffon, newsprint and foil. She combines sublimation printing with screen printing it’s fun to see the results.

L: My first would definitely have to be Alex Mullins’s screen printed faces that he did for his AW16 collection. Also another one of our members, Antonio Castro who screen printed tablecloths; he completely transformed the hessian fabric.

Alex Mullins A/W 16 Collection

Are there any brands or designers you admire from a print point of view?
M: Agi & Sam, Kelly Anna, Katie Eary and Sibling London. 
L: Flat Vernacular and Marimekko.

Katie Eary

What do you love about textiles?

L: It’s versatilely, print is everywhere and can be used on multiple disciplines.

M: I just love the magic of being able to basically create your own fabric. I didn’t even realise how versatile it was, until I started this studio. There’s so many different ways you can create textiles, and like Laura said it is everywhere and forever evolving and people are creating some new techniques that are incredible like UV printing.

You can find out how to become a member and book open access space here.

Front image by Ola

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