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Emma Sookrah is a textiles designer that ‘aims to create a positive, confident feeling through design and to capture a spirit of personality.’ Her work ranges from designing bold print placements to creating embellished three dimensional surface textures.

How did you get into textiles?

I’ve always loved dressing in bold patterns, bright colours and fabrics with intricate details and a love for wearing textiles turned into creating them. I studied design at school and De Montfort University and being there brought out my creativity.

Tell me about the different textiles you work with?

I enjoy working with all sorts of materials, from luxury silks to metallic perspex. I like to experiment and sample as much as possible. I’ve worked with leather, wool, plastic, PVC, wire, organza, cotton, and fusible materials. I am currently working on a personal project focussing on sequin film, creating 3D textiles.

What’s your favourite to work with and why?

Sculptural textiles that I can mould are my favourite to work with, they allow me to take a 3D approach and create hand-crafted embellishments. I love the process of experimenting and how the possibilities are endless.

When did you start beading?

Beading is a new interest, I started a year ago whilst in my third year of university. 

What kind of needles do you use for your embellishments and where do you get them from?

I mainly use long beading needles from John Lewis as I work with a lot of long bugle beads and they are nice and sharp to work with thinner leathers. I source my embellishments from New Trimmings on Great Titchfield St, Josy Rose, and Simply Sequins.

What other textiles would you like to work with?

I would really like to experiment more with perspex, leather and incorporate screen printing foils and laser cutting.

I’ve spoken to a lot of textiles designers and many (myself included) have found it difficult to find jobs in the industry. Has this been the case for you? 

Yes, very difficult. I graduated last year, July 2016 so have only been in the industry a year. Undergoing several design internships has really helped, I am currently interning as a design assistant at bl-nk.

Where do you apply your surface decoration and what other surfaces would you like to apply your work on?

Clothes have always been a focus point, but recently I have been designing ideas for bags and jewellery.

What do you love about textiles?

I enjoy the creativity and working through the process from the beginning concept to a finished product. 

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